This blog will cover six free websites that can be helpful to complete your projects. 

All the mentioned websites have free and paid versions with the free version offering major features that let you utilize the platform’s value. If you choose to upgrade, additional features will be accessible. 

Upon constant usage of these websites over several months, the free versions are definitely capable to satisfy your needs. 

1. Datawrapper (

Datawrapper is a platform that allows you to create beautiful and interactive charts with no sing-up required. Its free version allows you to convert table data sets into charts that are interactive and can be extracted in the format you prefer.

They also facilitate website integration to allow the interactive features to be maintained. Their tools are easy to use and requires little learning time. 

But once you get used to it, your charts will be looking professional and unique. 

2. SlideModel (

SlideModel is another helpful platform that helps you enhancing the quality of your projects. The website is a template platform that creates beautiful templates that are compatible with both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Their extensive library can be easily accessed via their search bar (e.g., type SWOT analysis in the search tab) and results will be immediately displayed. While the majority of their library is reserved for premium users, you can still access hundreds of free templates. 

The link attached in this blog will direct you immediately to their free library. Once you download a template, editing it to your likes and needs is very easy. 

3. Bitly (

Bitly is a website you never through would be useful, but it actually is. Have you noticed that some links from various organizations or brands start with “”? This is because they are using Bitly which is URL shortener, QR generator, and link-in-bio service. 

We will focus on the shortener aspect as it is most relevant for academics. 

If you are a marketing student and you need to create Tweets for a brand marketing proposal with links attached, but are only limited to 280 characters, Bitly can be a handy tool. If your university requires you to add footnotes that are included in the word count and some may be links, Bitly can help address that. Even when referencing your work, using Bitly to shorten URLs will give your document a much sleeker and elegant look. 

The good news is its free and you can shorten as many URLs as you want. Companies like Disney and The New York Times used this service, so why not you as well?  

4. MapChart (

While Datawrapper can help you create maps as well, it is better served to create interactive charts. To easily create interactive maps for your projects, MapChart is a free and easy to use tool that helps you achieve that. 

You simply access the website, create the continent and country you want to access, name your data sets, edit the map colors, and you will have a ready-to-download high quality map that looks neat and professional. 

The platform’s free version and easy to use features make this an important website for students looking to create high-quality reports and presentations. 

5. Convertio (

Convertio is your one stop destination to all file conversions. Want to convert an epub file to PDF? Or do you want to convert an mp4 video to mp3 audio? How about you want to a jpeg image to PNG? 

Well, Convertio can do all that, for free, and without needing to access any other website. Simply drag the file you want to convert, choose the file format you want to convert to, click upload, and then download the file once ready. 

It is very easy to use and can be very helpful. Do not stress anymore about file formats. 

The only limitation is that the free version is limited to 100 MB files. You need to upgrade to have access to larger files. 

6. Pexels (

Looking for high quality stock images in PNG format to attach to your reports and presentations? Do not look any further as Pexels is your answer. 

The platform includes creators that share stock images for the public to use without any royalty fees. While there are some images that requires payment, many are free and can be easily accessed and downloaded. 

Don’t worry about not finding an appropriate, watermark-free, and high-quality image on Google Images, Pexels will aid you in that. Access the website and get to skimming.