Useful FREE Websites for Students! Part 2

The previous blog covered six free websites that are helpful for all students to enhance their task completion and workflows. 

Building on that, this blog will further offer you FIVE FREE websites that are even more helpful and further elevate your work. Check them out.

1- Diffchecker

Diffchecker, you can guess from the name, is an online difference checker tool that analyzes to sets of different text. 

As you are required to paraphrase in your assignments, but are unsure of its authenticity, Diffchecker offers you an analytical approach which outlines what needs to be changed to be more original.

The free version is great but is of course is limited in the amount of text that can be uploaded at once, so break it down to multiple blocks and upload them. 

2- Tempmail

A lot of websites, and rightfully so, require you to sign-up to their platform to be able to access any feature they have. 

Users face the dilemma always as once you sign up; marketing emails will start popping up and cloud your inbox. 

With Tempmail, worry no more. Tempmail is a free disposable email service that auto generates emails for you that can be used once and then disposed.

This provides you with great value as you can access the service you are signing up for, receive the email directly on Tempmail homepage, and forget about it once you’re done. 

Use this tool only for website that you want to access once. If you want to access a certain platform regularly, we of course recommending using your own email. 

3- Jenni AI

Ever had a writer’s block and you’re just stuck on what to write next? Jenni AI is your friend and savior.

This AI backed tool allows you create essays, emails, or blogs with just predictive features rooted in its engine. 

Simply sign-up for free and create a new document. Specify the type of text you want to use this for, provide a title, and add a brief description. 

With simply the right arrow, Jenni AI begins typing and generating original and plagiarism free text. 

While there are premium options only accessible via monthly or annual subscriptions, the free version is still great to get you on the right track and give ideas to jumpstart your writing. 

4- Sejda

Ever downloaded a PDF that you wish you can quickly edit? I can bet you tried to convert it to a “.docx” format file. That didn’t work either did it? 

Well, with Sejda, things have changed. Sejda is an online PDF tool that helps you edit PDFs on their platform by simply uploading the file. 

Once uploaded, you can edit the text, add graphs or figures, change color, or alter the formatting. When you finish your edits, minor or major, simply export back to a PDF and you’re good to go. 

This tool is one that is really helpful if you are short on time and need to conduct a quick edit or fix. The best thing, it’s absolutely free. 

However, we advise against editing PDFs that aren’t meant to be edited and alter critical information that is already present. Be ethical and careful in how you use this tool. 

5- Freepik

In the previous blog, we covered Pexels, which offers you free stock pictures to include in your projects. However, having options is important. 

Here is where Freepik comes in handy as it is another great tool to obtain free high-resolution pictures, vectors, backgrounds, and effects, among several other offerings. 

The platform has a great search feature which allows you to easily apply several filters to narrow the scope of your search and help you attain what you are looking for. 

These various ready-to-use assets can bring flare and quality as they transform your work from boring text to visually appealing projects.