1. Velja

Scrolling social media and u want to open a link but don’t want to open it in Safari because u prefer Chrome or Firefox? Velja is an app that allows you to choose what web browser you want to use to open specific links. This is featured on mobile phones, both Apple and Android, but now, you can do it on your Mac as well.  

Download: https://apple.co/3DUY72m

2. Dropover

Dropover is a drag & drop tool that facilitates your workflow as it eases the way in which you manage adding files to documents or moving files from one folder to another. Simply select the files you want to move, shake the touchpad, and a shelf opens where you drop these files. Then, the shelf is accessible in a floating window so you can easily drop files in their new destination. 

Download: https://apple.co/3dIxItL

3. ImageOptim

ImageOptim is an image tool that reduces image files which is helpful if you have a lot of photos on your Mac. Additionally, you can remove the metadata of the image which can help if you want to hide sensitive data such as location or camera used in capturing the photo. Check it out, its free. 

Download: https://imageoptim.com/mac

4. Shottr

Shottr is a screenshot tool that elevates your screenshots and allows you to do much more than screenshots. You can pin screenshots, take scrolling screenshots, pixelate elements in the screenshot, remove objects in the screenshot, place markups, overlay images on top of each other, identify hex codes of colors in the screenshots, a ruler tool to identify distances between objects in the screenshot, text recognition in the screenshots, and extract links from QR codes. You will never use the Mac’s screenshot tool ever again. 

Download: https://shottr.cc/

5. CopyClip

CopyClip is a clipboard manager that sit in the Mac’s menu bar and is easily accessible as it shows you a history of things you copied and assigns shortcut keys to pasting whichever one you want. This enhances your workflow as it saves you time copying and pasting. 

Download: https://apple.co/3fe1zdX

6. Hand Mirror

Hopping on an important call in a few minutes and you want to check how you look before logging in? Hand Mirror is a tool that is placed in the menu bar and a pop-up appears showing how you look using the Mac’s camera. Be more confident before going in meetings. 

Download: https://apple.co/3f9rqni